Why cedar?

We have always been passionate as joiners about the values and workability of Western Red Cedar as a material: it works beautifully, cuts easily, moulds, planes and sands to an excellent finish, does not split, warp, twist or shrink, does not produce much dust, and fills the workshops full of the most beautiful, sweet smelling fragrance! However the benefits to the end user are many: it is THE perfect timber for cladding and construction. Easy to handle and lightweight, yet has fantastic insulation and sound deadening properties, superb durability and beautiful appearance. And yes, the smell in the garden is just as wonderful!

What is your environmental policy?

All of our timbers are obtained from sources committed to adhering to strict policies regarding sustainability and responsisble purchasing, and are fully FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) registered.

What is the process?

The process begins by initially discussing your requirements, deciding an outline specification, and obtaining a footprint dimension. We can then produce a quotation based on your requirements. If an order is placed, we will complete a site visit, produce a working drawing for approval, advise on footing requirements, prepare all footings if required, and then manufacture all components in our Siddingtonworkshops ready for all erection on site.

What are the lead times from order?

Around 6-8 weeks from order, with somewhere between 5-12 days on site depending on size of building.

Do I need planning permission?

In a lot of cases, planning permission for erection of a timber framed building is not required. Outbuildings are considered to be permitted development and do not require planning permission, although there are strict guidelines to be adhered to. We can advise in principle based on information given about size, location etc as to whether you may need to consider planning, but we would always advise getting in touch with your local council. Requirements for planning permission can be found at www.planningportal.gov.uk

What footing requirements do I need?

A simple slab footing with a minimum of compacted hardcore, followed by a damp proof membrane, followed by a minimum of 4″ of concrete. For maximum durability for your new building, one course of blue engineering brick is laid side to side, and the frame is positioned on
top of this course. We can provide a quotation to lay a suitable foundation- please contact us for more details.

Do you only sell buildings on a supply and erect basis?

Not at all. We will of course be able to handle your project from conception to completion, however we are also happy to provide all members, trusses and cladding ready for self assembly, or simply supply all materials for your self build project, as well as provide a wealth of friendly and impartial advice for your project.

Do you work nationally?

We are centrally placed in the North West, and and happy to work anywhere in the country. Distance no object!

Do you only construct cedar garages?

Not at all! We are passionate about cedar as an exterior construction material. Our facilities enable us to produce any form of cedar framed building or joinery component, from a bespoke greenhouse, shed or outbuilding, dog kennel or bird box!

Do you contract out any works or buy in any products?

No. All of our own staff are friendly, time served, NVQ qualified, fully insured and experienced bench or site joiners with a minimum of
10 years experience. All joinery products are manufactured in our Siddington workshops with tried and tested methods. We do not buy in any cheap, dowel constructed doors!